Drainage Blocked Bath

Bathtubs are for those days when a shower just won’t do. Many a stressed person has reaped the benefits of sitting in a tub filled with warm water topped with fragrant, bubbly foam and/or blended with moisturising bath oils. Running a bath is as simple as putting the plug in and letting the tap run with as much warm or cold water as you need. Once you are finished, pulling the plug out should allow the dirty bath water to drain out in a matter of minutes, and then the tub is ready for the next person who wants or needs a bath. A blocked bath, on the other hand, would take much longer to drain out and can be quite discouraging for anyone who wants to use the tub.

Full Bathroom Service

As with showers, bath tubs can be clogged or blocked by soap deposits, residual dirt, and the usual clumps of hair. Of course, you can always try to unclog a blocked bath yourself, but it would be so much easier (and a lot less disgusting) to simply call in our team of drainage engineers.

Our plumbing firm specialises in unclogging blockages in the bath, and we do so through a variety of methods that have been proven to be effective and efficient. Upon arriving at the appointed time, they will quickly assess what is causing the blockage in your bath and discuss the unclogging options with you. They will discuss the benefits of various options -- from using rods and plungers to bringing chemical solutions in, and they will make a recommendation regarding the most suitable resolution for your blocked bath.

Plumbing Specialists

Once you and your assigned plumbing engineer has decided on the appropriate course of action, the team will get to work on declogging your bath, talking you through each step of the process and cleaning up after themselves along the way. After about an hour of declogging, our specialists will also discuss tips on what to avoid doing in the bathtub so you can prevent recurring blockages in the future. They also won’t leave your home until they have given you a full warranty for the services rendered.
And just in case you have blocked baths elsewhere apart from your residence, you can call in our firm’s services for them too. Apart from servicing homes, we also declog blocked baths in commercial locations like hotels, offices, sports clubs, gyms, or health spas so you are fully covered.