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Blocked Bath

Bathtubs are for those days when a shower just won’t do. Many a stressed person has reaped the benefits of sitting in a tub filled with warm water topped with fragrant, bubbly foam and/or blended with moisturising bath oils.
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Blocked Drains

Is there a bad smell in your area? Are your facilities functioning slower than they should? Then you could be suffering from a blocked drain. A cracked or blocked drain can cause a pipe to burst and result in even bigger problems.
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Blocked Shower

There’s nothing like a nice shower at the end of the day or a quick one in the morning to send you off to work. The mere thought of warm or cold water rinsing away the last few dregs of sleep or the exhaustion of the day is...
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Blocked Sink

Of all the everyday annoyances, a blocked sink has to be quite up there with the worst of them. Given the sheer volume of tasks that you do at the sink, such as brushing your teeth, washing the dishes, and rinsing fresh...
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Blocked Toilet

It is not easy to deal with a clogged or blocked toilet. It can be downright frustrating and challenging, not to mention it will take up most of your time. A blocked toilet is quite unsightly and it can also damage your...
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Pipe Blockages

Having pipe blockages can be a frustrating. It is a messy and confusing situation that no one wants to be in. Determining the cause of these pipe blockages can be complicated for a normal person. That is where we come in.
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