Tap Repair

The most commonly used taps in households are those that have separate hot and cold water sources and mixer taps which mixes both hot and cold (and temperature is controlled depending on which direction the tap is turned).

How we can help

All these kinds of taps share common problems. When taps break down or their internal mechanisms become worn or broken, then it’s time to call our local plumbers to perform tap repair.

Quick, clean and effective

Our plumbers can solve a variety of problems and specialise in tap repair that concerns broken washers, leaking or dripping taps, damaged taps, and corroded taps. They are also fully insured so that you won’t have to worry about any problem that arises while they are doing their job. In the event that we are unable to complete solve the problem, we are more than happy to install a completely new tap for you!

Let us help you

Our plumbers are also not only willing to explain the entire process to you and answer any questions you might have, but they also work fast, efficiently, and neatly. Repairs will usually only take up to an hour and slightly longer if installation is required, meaning that you will not have to wait an entire day before you can use your tap again. They are also able to repair any type of tap – be it steel, plastic, hot and cold, and so on.

Appointments can be set via our telephone line and we will usually be able to make it to your home in a couple of hours for same-day inspection and repairs. Our local plumbers are not only able to work on tap problems in a person’s house, but can also work in offices, restaurants, and public showrooms if the need arises. If there is a conflict in your schedule, we are also open to working around it or adjusting ours completely so that we can better accommodate you.