We provide shower installation

Would you like to have a better shower experience? Are you looking to get a new shower installed but do not know exactly what to get? Perhaps you need help setting up the shower area in your home or gym?

For your shower install concerns, call us and enjoy a better shower experience! We can help you choose the perfect shower for your home -- power shower, electric, mixer or boiler-fed.

We have the right people to do the actual fitting and installation for you. Our expert plumbers will also give you advice as to what shower type is best suited in your home or gym. Other than plumbers, we can also provide electricians for possible power supply adjustment needs.

Able and Well-trained

We take pride in our line-up of able and well-trained plumbers to provide you with your shower install services. They are experienced and have vast knowledge in terms of shower fittings and installations.

Should you have need for an electrician for power adjustments and fitting, we assure you of their qualification and proper training as well.

Full guarantee

We are here to give you optimum service. That is why we make sure that our plumbers are well-trained to give you quick and effective service. We don’t stop there though. We do extra cleaning up too. Repair and installation jobs typically generate some mess, but we assure you that we do not leave any behind. We will leave your bathroom clean.

More importantly, the parts and services we provide are also backed by 12-month guarantee. That is our promise and our brand of excellent service.

Home and commercial property

Should you have needs that are not covered by our list, call us and make an enquiry. We will be happy to assist you with your immediate concerns and arrange for a visit right away.

Our shower install services are available not just to your homes, but even to your office or business locations, such as gyms, sports clubs or workshops.

For your inquiries and request for visits, we promise to give you our attention and prompt service. Depending on your need, we normally dispatch our expert plumber, or team if needed, within the next few hours, especially if you're within the Birmingham area.

Call us up now. Dial 0121 285 9595. We'd be delighted to help.

Our list of services

  • Power showers
  • Electric showers
  • Mixer showers
  • Boiler-fed showers