We Take Care of Your Shower Repair Problems

Do you have a broken shower head or pipe and do not know where to get help? Perhaps, you have been meaning to fix it yourself but never got to it. We know how difficult it is to have such inconvenience in the house or in the gym. Fret no more and let us take care of your shower repair needs.

You can trust our professional and capable plumbers to do the job. We have our friendly shower repair experts waiting for dispatch all the time.

Friendly and qualified

When it comes to shower repair needs, you can just relax and leave the job to the hands of our friendly and qualified plumbers. Our plumbers are certified and trained to give you the best possible service and have your shower fixed and working in no time.

We take pride in our work. Our plumbers will make an assessment and execute effective and efficient repairs immediately. You will have a working shower within the day.

Quick, clean and effective

Given our plumbers’ vast experience, they can quickly and easily fix your shower problem and have it working in no time.

Because we want to give you nothing but our best service, know that we clean up after our repair work is done. And that our labour and parts are covered by full 12-month guarantee. That’s our promise and our brand of service.

Home and commercial property

If we deliver below our expectation, please call us up so we can resolve your concern and let us know how we can serve you better.

Feel free to call us and enquire about your shower concerns which may not be found in our list. We will try our best to help you assess the problem over the phone and send our qualified plumbers as soon as possible.

We provide shower repair services not just to your homes, but even to your office or business locations such as gyms, sports clubs or workshops.

We give express service and we respond within the next few hours, especially if you are within the Birmingham area.

Dial 0121 285 9595 now so you can soon enjoy hassle-free showers.

Our list of services

  • Shower pump repairs
  • Blocked shower drain pipes
  • Flow or pressure problems
  • Dripping shower head
  • Shower cutting out
  • Shower temperature fluctuations
  • Shower too hot or too cold