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Bathroom Repair

Are you worrying about leaking toilets or a broken cistern? Having problems with a cracked basin or dripping tap? Or, maybe you have been wanting to have your new jacuzzi, hot tub, bath, sink or bidet installed but never got round to it?
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Emergency Plumbing

Plumbers Birmingham, the number one emergency plumbers in and around the Birmingham area. Operating not only in Birmingham itself, our service can reach as far afield as Worcestershire, including Bromsgrove...
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Pipe Repair

Plumbing problems that need pipe repair can be really difficult to solve on one’s own, and can cause a lot of problems while one is in the middle of fixing them. In most occasions, not everyone is really equipped with the skills to...
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Radiator Services

When the radiator malfunctions, it could cause a lot of discomfort for you and for your family. That is exactly why you should really ensure that the necessary repair is done on your radiator, and for it to be done immediately.
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Sink Repair

Probably one of the most difficult areas of a home to repair is the sink, especially the one in the kitchen. Kitchen sinks usually need repair once to three times a year, depending on how much...
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Shower Install

Would you like to have a better shower experience? Are you looking to get a new shower installed but do not know exactly what to get? Perhaps you need help setting up the shower area in your home or gym?
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Shower Repair

Do you have a broken shower head or pipe and do not know where to get help? Perhaps, you have been meaning to fix it yourself but never got to it. We know how difficult it is to have such inconvenience in...
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Tap Repair

The most commonly used taps in households are those that have separate hot and cold water sources and mixer taps which mixes both hot and cold (and temperature is controlled depending on...
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Toilets and Flushes

As people rely on flush toilets every day and they can be found in any house, office, restaurant, or shopping centre, it’s no surprise that these toilets are prone to breaking down or having their inner mechanisms fail.
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