Blocked Shower Drainage

There’s nothing like a nice shower at the end of the day or a quick one in the morning to send you off to work. The mere thought of warm or cold water rinsing away the last few dregs of sleep or the exhaustion of the day is certainly relaxing and rejuvenating. What isn’t so relaxing, however, is a blocked shower.

Fixing Blocked Showers in Birmingham

A blocked shower can be caused by a lot of things, such as the sustained build-up of falling hairs or gloopy hair products or body soaps. What makes it so inconvenient and disgusting is that it prevents the shower water from draining away properly, so anyone who hops in the shower to get clean ends up standing around in a pool of dirty water.

Experts on Hand

Fortunately, we have plenty of drainage solution experts. Our team of plumbers has a great deal of knowledge and experience in dealing with such blockages. Once you set up an appointment with us, our team will head straight to your home and unclog your blocked shower in as fast as an hour.

Our drainage engineers will also take the time to walk you through what may have caused the blockage in your shower. They will also brief you on what steps to take to prevent it from happening again. Best of all, they are transparent about the whole process and they’ll even present you with options for declogging the blockage. They will also clean up after themselves and present you with a full warranty for any part that was replaced as well as for the services rendered. Under most circumstances, our team of drainage engineers will have sorted out your shower problems in no time so that you can back to your regular routine as though nothing happened.

We also serve the entire community, so all you need to do is place a call using the number provided on this website to book an appointment with is. Our service rates are highly affordable and we can guarantee that our available drainage engineers will arrive at the appointed time.

Our firm’s services are not just for residential properties but for commercial properties as well. Does a shower at a property you’re leasing have a blockage? Do you have blocked showers at the gym or spa that you own and operate? So long as the issue has to do with a shower blockage, you can count on us to deliver regardless of the location.