Drainage Blocked Sink

Of all the everyday annoyances, a blocked sink has to be quite up there with the worst of them. Given the sheer volume of tasks that you do at the sink, such as brushing your teeth, washing the dishes, and rinsing fresh produce, encountering such a blockage is indeed inconvenient and perhaps even dangerous. For not only does a blocked sink mean that you will have to do your chores elsewhere (or not do them at all for a while); it also poses a health hazard.

Repairing Blocked Sinks in Birmingham

Because of the number of things that are rinsed in a bathroom or kitchen sink, blockages are quite common. The build-up from soap, detergent, or any other sort of cleaning agent as well as bits of food and similar kinds of detritus can really harm your sink’s drainage capability.

Our Plumbing Team

Fortunately, our team of drainage engineers are equipped with both licensed training in the art of plumbing and many years of experience on the job. They will usually be able to tell you the cause of the blockage within minutes of arriving and examining your sink, along with a whole variety of options for declogging it. Alongside fully discussing the repercussions and benefits of each option, our drainage engineers will also advise you on which one would be most effective for your case, thus helping you arrive at the best course of action.
Once you both have determined how to go about fixing the problem, the drainage engineer assigned to you will get right on it, explaining each part of the process along the way so you are fully aware of what is currently happening. Since all of our plumbing specialists are fully-trained and insured, you get peace of mind that they know what they are doing and that the problem will be resolved in no more than an hour.

After the declogging job is finished and you are satisfied with the results, our drainage engineers will see to the inevitable clean-up job to spare you the hassle. They will also brief you on certain do’s and don’t’s for preventing any other occurrences of sink blockages in the future. If you would like to ask about the full warranty that we offer all our clients during this time, our drainage engineers will happily answer any and all of your questions.

Best of all, our expert and affordable services aren’t exclusively for homeowners. If there is a clogged sink at your restaurant or office, you can take full advantage of our services as well.